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Which Greenhouse To Buy?
Greenhouses cost a lot of money, often over £1,000. And of course once a greenhouse is installed in your garden, it's not an easy thing to remove it and put a different one in its place. With this in mind, it's worth taking your time and researching which is the best greenhouse to suit your needs before you spend your hard-earned money.

For pointers on choosing a greenhouse check out this artical by Click HERE to read the artical.

Greenhouse Installation Service

Greenhouse Installation Service

In today's green culture, growing your own is becoming ever more popular and with it is the desire for a greenhouse.

With the apparent danger of handling glass whilst erecting a greenhouse, why not let our fully trained greenhouse erectors do the job for you, professionally trained by the nation's leading supplier of greenhouses.

It is crucial that the greenhouse base is level in all directions for the safety and longevity of the building, therefore why not take advantage of our Base Preparation Service too!


Top tips on where to site your greenhouse
Here are some key points to consider:

The greenhouse should be sited where there is plenty of light, but not exposed to high winds. A sheltered spot is good, but avoid placing it under trees.

There needs to be access space around the greenhouse for cleaning, as well as room for acclimatising greenhouse-raised plants to the outside (eg space for a cold frame).

A heated greenhouse gives more scope for raising a wider range of seeds and cuttings earlier in the season. The nearer the greenhouse is to the house the more economical it will be to get electricity to it. You must, by law, hire a professional electrician to do this.

In practice, there are probably only one or two suitable places in your garden, so the size of greenhouse you opt for will be limited by the available space - which is why most people end up with a small one!

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Slab Bases for Greenhouses, Sheds & Summer Houses

Need a slab base for your greenhouse, shed or summerhouse? We can supply and lay the size and shape you need.

There is no need for a concrete pad, we level the ground, put down a very good quality membrane, a sand and cement mix, then a pressed concrete slab.

For your safety greenhouses should always be fixed down. Electricity will be needed near the location for this purpose.

Slab Base
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